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How to Tell if Developmental Service Worker College is Right for You

Nursery teacher sitting with a parent and her Down Syndrome son in the classroom. they are discussing the little boys progress.

As you begin to decide which new career path is right for you, it can be difficult to get all the information you need to determine whether you are a good fit for a certain career or training program. Everyone’s strengths are different, and there are certain skills and personality traits that serve some jobs and programs more than others.

Training for work as a Developmental Service Worker (DSW) is no exception. To learn more about the traits that might make you a good fit for this role, keep reading!

You Are Drawn to Work That is Meaningful and Helpful in Your Community

As a DSW, you will be working with adults and children with developmental and physical disabilities very closely. This type of work provides many opportunities for you to build trusting relationships with the clients you assist, and brings a personal element to your day-to-day activities which can be very rewarding.

Working as a DSW lets you do personal, meaningful work everyday

Your work as a DSW will be meaningful not just to your clients, but to the communities in which they live as well. Many of the daily tasks and activities that you will help your clients with will allow them to engage more directly with their communities. If you think efforts to improve community engagement among individuals with disabilities and to make your community more welcoming to them are worthwhile, then development service worker courses may be the perfect fit for you.

You have the Emotional Skills Required to Succeed as a Developmental Service Worker

DSWs work with many individuals who have varying needs, challenges, and communication abilities. Individuals who are most likely to thrive in this line of work usually have excellent communication skills, and the emotional intelligence, patience, and empathy to correctly identify the needs of those around them.

DSW college can help you develop the skills you need to communicate with your clients effectively

If you have a natural ability for connecting with people and facilitating interactions based on comfortable communication, then developmental service worker college could be an excellent place for you to sharpen those skills and learn how to put them to use as a DSW. Courses like the DSW program at Gates College will also help students develop their communication skills through coursework on conflict resolution, communication essentials, and counselling techniques.

You Want the Career Flexibility that a DSW Certification Program Will Provide

Finally, if you want the ability to work in many different industries and sectors, then training to become a DSW may be the ideal option for you. DSWs work with clients in a number of individual and group settings.

For those who work with children, employment in schools and daycare centres is common. Those who work with adults frequently find employment at assisted living facilities and group homes, social service agencies, and community organizations. DSWs may also be hired privately to work more closely with individual clients at home or with their daily tasks. With your DSW training, you will have a career passport granting you access to your entire community.

Do you think a DSW certification program could be the right move for you?

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