Education is a required food group in the Culinary Arts.

Cooking with the best of them is one thing, knowing how to is another. Reading recipe books and watching cooking shows is great, but it’s the education that leads you to being a true professional in the kitchen. The education you receive at Gates College in our Culinary Skills and Culinary Professional Management diploma programs will set you apart.

We have trained instructors with years of chef experience in the kitchen, from many hands-on experiences and exposure to different ethnic dishes, baking and much more. The Culinary programs will provide each graduate with a well-rounded education. The different kitchens you will visit at local establishments will help you and fellow students network with others in the Culinary field.

A career in the Culinary arts will always provide stable employment as restaurants are constantly looking for great people. Some will like it simple, others will indulge in more sophisticated cuisine and with that requires a trained cook or chef to meet those needs.

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