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4 Tried-and-True Methods for Building Client Trust After Esthetics College

For esthetics professionals, having a relationship based on trust with clients is crucial to providing a successful service. After all, clients are giving you control over their comfort and appearance, which may be stressful if they are unfamiliar with you or your workplace and the services it provides.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to build trust with your clients, inspire confidence, and contribute positively to their overall experience. Read on to learn about a few of the best methods for making clients feel at ease and confident in your abilities.

1. Use Welcoming Body Language to Put Your Esthetics Clients at Ease

First impressions matter, especially in a customer facing industry like esthetics! Greeting your clients with positive, welcoming body language can set the tone for an enjoyable consultation and service, and will help them feel comfortable communicating with you about their needs and preferences.

A warm smile and open approach will put your esthetics clients at ease

There are many approaches to body language that can provide this effect. Remember to smile when you see your client, and maintain an upright and open posture that avoids crossed arms and other distancing poses. You can also try mirroring your client’s body language – if they step closer to you or lean back, move similarly to let your client set the tone of their interactions with you.

2. Maintain the Strict Sanitation Standards You Learned in Esthetics College

A decluttered and clean workspace is critical if you want your clients to trust the quality of your service and professionalism. Ensure that you have an easily accessible hand-washing station, and wear sanitary gloves or glasses whenever necessary.

For clients that seem tense or nervous, it may be helpful to explain some sanitation procedures to them as you work. If you have your own office or workspace, displaying the certification you earn in your esthetician training program can also help reassure clients that you have received high quality training and are aware of the industry standards for sanitation and infection control, giving them peace of mind.

3. Use Your Esthetics College Training to Ask Your Clients Plenty of Questions

Another great way to build trust with your clients is to ask them questions about themselves and their beauty needs as you work with them. For instance, if you have a client who wants a hair removal treatment, try inquiring about their skin type, treatment history, and challenges. The knowledge you have gained during esthetics college will help you to know the most relevant and appropriate questions for particular treatments.

Not only will this help you use the most appropriate treatment for your client and ensure that their expectations are met, but it will also show your client the careful consideration you provide to those you work with.

4. Follow Up With Your Clients to Ensure Satisfaction and Repeat Business

Building client trust doesn’t just happen during their appointment. Reaching out to your clients after their visit with you or your employer can be a great way to demonstrate that you care about the quality of your services, and that you are invested in their results.

A quick follow-up call after an appointment can be the difference between a drop-in and a regular client

Make sure that if you are going to use your clients’ contact information for this purpose that you inform them of this in advance, and assure them that this information will not be used for unauthorized purposes. This way, your check-in call will be a welcome reminder of the satisfying experience your client received in your hands.

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