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The Accounting and Payroll Administrator program introduces students to a variety of the methods used for accounting and payroll administration ranging from computer-based accounting and payroll software to manual bookkeeping methods. Students develop the skills needed to maintain and balance various accounts for large- and small-scale projects and also receive training in preparing tax returns; creating statistical, financial and accounting reports; and completing and submitting government forms.

Over the course of the program, students will take several core courses to help prepare them for work as an accountant or payroll administrator. This program requires 20% of practical, hands on learning.

Main Duties

Bookkeepers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Keep financial records and establish, maintain and balance various accounts using manual and computerized bookkeeping systems
  • Post journal entries and reconcile accounts, prepare trial balance of books, maintain general ledgers and prepare financial statements
  • Calculate and prepare cheques for payrolls and for utility, tax and other bills
  • Complete and submit tax remittance forms, workers’ compensation forms, pension contribution forms and other government documents
  • Prepare tax returns and perform other personal bookkeeping services
  • Prepare other statistical, financial and accounting reports.

Career College Versus Public Community College

What is different about attending a Career College like Gates College versus Public Community Colleges like Fleming College, Confederation College, Sault College or Durham College?

Gates College is registered as an Ontario Career College and programs are approved as vocational programs under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005 and follow the several amendments included in the Less Red Tape, Stronger Economy Act, 2023 (Effective, January 1, 2024*). Public Community Colleges such as Fleming College, Confederation College, Sault College and Durham College operate under a separate branch. There are benefits you may experience when attending an Ontario Career College like Gates College, that the Public Community Colleges may not offer.

For example:

  • Small Class Sizes
  • One course at a time Modular Based Learning
  • Fixed Block Schedules
  • Frequent Start Dates
  • This program is currently being delivered in an Instructor-led online environment

A Gates College student will find that our Campuses and our On-Line experience is very student focused and always puts the students goal’s first!

Program Outline

In this program you’ll learn:

  • How to apply payroll legislation
  • Calculate pay and use administrative software to ensure that
    employees are working their designated hours and that cheques are being cut accurately.
  • Accounting concepts and procedures, such as cash flow, assets and liabilities, financial management, banking procedures, analyzing business transactions, and how to properly set up and engage with different ledgers form part of this program.
  • You’ll also get hands-on training on how to set up banking and tax
    service modules in Sage 300. (Training required by most employers)
  • Students will become proficient in Microsoft Office Programs, including MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Office
  • Training in current E-commerce strategy
  • How to become more proficient in oral and written communication. Learn proper techniques and etiquette for business communication. Gain experience conducting and developing business presentation
  • Learn about financial analysis and control as well as how to improve and manage your own personal finances