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Is Gates similar to a community college?

The short answer is YES!

Unlike public universities and colleges of applied arts and technology which receive funding from the government, career colleges are organizations and are not funded by the government.

Gates College is registered as an Ontario Career College (OCC) under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005. This act ensures that Ontario career colleges meet certain standards for the programs they offer as well as advertising, refund policies, and instructor qualifications.

How does your campus differ from other career and public Ontario colleges?

There are more than 500 career colleges in Ontario, and Gates College prepares students for specific jobs or careers; part of this training includes ”hands-on” skills. We believe that adults do better in a smaller size class. We limit classes to 15 students or less. Adults need to question, debate and participate. Most of our students require two very specific things:

1) Flexible, frequent start dates
2) Regular, predictable class times

Some courses have start dates every month of the year and we create a regular class schedule that creates time for family and/or a part time job. Our programs are compressed but complete. That means that we deliver the training over a very short time span. We are frequently referred to as a “fast track” college.

What career fields do your programs cover?

Our campus offers full programs in fields such as:

  •  Business
  •  Health Services
  •  Human Services
  •  Information Technology

All diploma programs are linked to the National Occupation Classifications (NOC codes), developed by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and based on information from Statistics Canada. This information deals with wages, salaries and jobs in your field of work.

Can you describe a typical student at your school?

Our current student population range in age from 18 to 50 plus. However, our school will often appeal to anyone and especially students that:

  •  Recognize that they need specific job skills to join the work force
  •  Have identified a need for education credentials to compete in the job market
  •  Have academic qualifications and want to add to their practical skills to become more competitive in the job market

How long does it take to get a College Diploma at your school?

It varies by program. Our shortest program time is 23 weeks to completion and the longest is 52 weeks.

Are there a minimum number of hours per week?

Yes, the minimum number of hours in class is 20 hours per week. Most classes are scheduled from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm or from 1:00pm to 5:00 pm.

How long have you been in business?

While the Gates College brand is new, the college is not. We have been in operation at the Cobourg campus for about 20 years.

Does the Canada Revenue Agency recognize Gates?

Yes! The College is authorized to issue students the Canada Revenue Agency Form T2202A (Education Credit). This credit is reported on your income tax filing. Recognized educational institutions use this form to certify a student’s eligibility for tuition, education and textbook amounts. Students may use it to show a transfer to a designated person; apply the credit to previous returns; or carry the credit forward.

Is there a screening or admissions process?

Yes. Each student applicant must go through a screening interview with the College Registrar and sometimes the lead instructor of the program. We specifically want to meet with you to identify your goals and aspirations and discuss how our program may help you get there. During that meeting we want you to:

  • Meet some of our staff and instructors
  •  Complete a skills assessment
  •  Discuss career opportunities and see our job board
  •  Learn about diploma programs that will work for you
  •  Have a look at the jobs our graduates are securing
  •  Receive specific schedules, outlines and tuition investment
  •  Have all financial assistance programs explained to you

Where can I find the total cost of the program and a breakdown of these costs?

The total cost of the program will be explained by the Registrar during the screening process or you may verify costs online at the Province of Ontario website:

Where can I find a copy of the College’s Sexual Violence Policy?

Please find a copy of the policy here: Gates College Sexual Violence Policy

Do your courses have any prerequisites (i.e. computer skills)?

Yes. Some programs have legal, physical or educational requirements which will be explained to you by the Registrar. Some programs have specific entrance requirements mandated by provincial legislation or national accreditation standards.

What is the teaching/learning format?

We offer a variety of learning formats, many being lecture-led. Some are self-paced but the instructor is there to help you if you hit a “road block”. Many programs have a significant “hands-on” component as well as field placements or practicum. All of this will be explained in your interview with the Registrar.

Why do you use the module based system?

We chose the module or “one topic at a time” format for several specific reasons. Firstly, with one topic at a time, there is continuity and little confusion with other topics. You will have tests to make sure that you have mastered the topic, a dynamite review, and then write the final examination on that one topic. The examination occurs while the topic is fresh in your mind. Then it’s on to the next topic. One exam at a time goes a long way to reduce cramming and ease the panic that can come with five or more exams scheduled close together.

The other advantage is that it creates multiple times to enter the program. Frequent start dates means that you don’t have to wait for the traditional September/January enrolment times. Most of our students have given a great deal of thought to returning to school and when that decision has been made, they are eager to commence.

Can I talk to current students?

Unfortunately we cannot refer you to specific students. The Privacy Act prevents us from releasing that information, but at the time of your interview with the Registrar, you may have an opportunity to meet students and at their discretion, discuss some aspects of school life.

Do you have support if the course is difficult?

With exceptional instructors, a rigorous initial interview, lecture-led classes, small class sizes, and frequent tests to make sure that course content has been mastered, most of our students experience significant success. If you find a topic particularly challenging we recommend that you speak directly to the Campus Manager. One-on-one help is always available.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! The refund policy is specified within the Ontario Career Colleges Act sections 25 – 33 of Ontario Regulations 415/06. The total policy is made available to all students.

Is there job search assistance for students?

Yes! Firstly, we identify specific and general opportunities for you based on your education, skill, and previous job history. Secondly, we explain the hidden job market where the majority of jobs are generated. Thirdly, we will work with you to develop a polished resume, cover letter and a sound plan to tackle the market. Fourthly, we have developed a list of questions that are asked in interviews for your field and will help you prepare with a mock interview. We also announce job opportunities in class and have a job board with current postings. Our services and help continue after graduation. Use our job search coordinator, instructors, staff, and facilities including fax and e-mail.

I have special needs. How accessible is the school?

We are frequently called upon to re-train injured workers to return to the work force in occupations that recognize a need for new job duties. We work with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Business Joint Health and Safety Committees and students with special needs with barrier free access to the school. Some recent accommodations include adjustable study desks, ergonometric chairs, reserved free parking and Dragon® software for those who require a hands free computer/operator environment.

Will I have an eBook or will my books be hard copy?

Most of the courses will exclusively use an eBook format, however with some courses it is not financially to the benefit of the student to have an eBook, so hard copy books are provided. Additionally, in some courses, not all books are available as eBooks. If you do have an eBook, the iPad is yours to keep, however, the textbooks are issued as one-year licenses. Any hard copy books will be yours to keep.

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