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The Top Six Qualities Employers Look for In A Medical Office Assistant

Besides getting a diploma in the field, many other traits and qualities exist and are required for the job.

A day in the life of a Medical Office Assistant unfortunately is not described as relaxing or easy-going. Like many jobs, work comes with responsibilities. There are many duties and tasks that a Medical Office Assistant must take care of. No two days in this position will be the same. If you are not aware already, to be a Medical Office Assistant is to be a jack-of-all-trades. Medical, clinical, office and even physical components can be required in the job.

Being in the medical administrative field requires a few other qualities, too. Employers know you have the academic credentials, but they also want to see that you possess these extra qualities that will differentiate you from the rest.

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1. Patience

As mentioned, a lot of days on the job are not the same. Some days are slow, and others are more fast-paced. When working at clinics or hospitals, you interact with many different people. Patients, families, friends, and others want answers in regards to their healthcare. A lot can be expected from a Medical Office Assistant, both from healthcare providers and patients alike. The more calm and patient you are, the more efficiently you can work, which creates a well-functioning work environment.

2. Communication

The ability to effectively communicate is important in every job. In the life of a Medical Office Assistant, delivering messages between healthcare practitioners, patients, and coworkers is crucial. Communication is key across all spectrums. It is important to understand messages being told to you as well as communicate messages to others.

3. Organization

Days can be hectic and all of a sudden, the task you were originally assigned begins to get pushed back because of another incoming task. Staying organized is a key aspect of being a Medical Office Assistant. This means knowing when and how to prioritize your tasks and taking the initiative to create a productive work environment for yourself and everyone around you.

4. Positive and Energetic

It is refreshing to see a positive attitude and a smile in any workplace. It can make a huge difference in the medical field when certain days aren’t so bright for some patients or families. There are good and bad days, but being able to stay positive and energetic through it with a smile makes the world of a difference.

5. Proactive

It is important to be able to do something without having to be told to do it. Quickly learn what is expected of you in your role of Medical Office Assistant and then go ahead and do it. If you are unsure of how to do something or have any questions, asking someone about it shows initiative and is great when working with other people.

6. Empathetic

Being empathetic means being able to understand and share the feelings of others. Often, the medical field is recognized as a career where you must put your emotions aside and focus on the work ahead. When working closely with patients, being empathetic is a great trait to have.

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