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The mission is to create a Veteran friendly career and learning environment that provides the flexibility and support that Veteran students look for and need for them to succeed following their service to Canada.


Our vision is to provide a flexible and supportive Veteran friendly career and learning environment that will enable Veterans to find meaningful and gainful employment following their service to Canada.

Veteran Transition

Campus scheduling is flexible, allowing Veteran students to meet the changes inherent in a transition from military to civilian life. The curriculum is modularized, allowing Veteran students to take only the training needed, thereby acknowledging training that may have been completed during service. The curriculum is supported by additional training throughout the area of study that includes: awareness training on Government of Canada benefits and services available to Veterans; and presentations by sector employers. Nearer to the end of the curriculum, the program prepares the Veteran for the job enrollment process and the civilian workforce.

Veteran Career Employment

The Veteran will first work with a career and employment coach to determine a potential area of study and employment. The Veteran Career Employment Support is based on an analysis of the Veteran’s education and training background, a determination of the Veteran’s marketable skills, analysis of the labour market, and discussions with potential employers. This collaborative work will lead to a resolution of possible areas of study for the Veteran.

Supporting this work will be a determination of the Veteran’s financial options and the personal support services that will be required to be in a place to assist the Veteran during the program of study.

A full suite of services will be in place throughout the program of study to help ensure that the Veteran is successful. Veterans are encouraged to observe key dates by allowing them the time in the curriculum to commemorate.